Spiritual development in our time is a vague and confusing issue. Most definitions would relate development to certain abilities, such as being clairvoyant or the ability to channel information from beings supposedly residing in other dimensions of life. We tend to associate spiritual talent with a gift that has been bestowed at random to this one or that one. Considering that for ourselves, we either have it or we don’t. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Legs and arms, hands and fingers are parts of our structures, and we can see them and see to use them. For the most part, we all have these things and we all use them to various degrees. The spiritual parts of our being are not readily seen and very seldom understood. Many have argued that what cannot be seen is therefore not real. The mind cannot be seen, and because it cannot be seen it is confused with the brain that can be seen. The brain is physical and confined to the physical body. The mind is electromagnetic in structure and cannot be seen by the physical eyes. Anyone who has projected their consciousness out of the physical body has probably taken their mind with them, as the mind is not confined to the physical body, just as the essential being is not confined to either the mind or the physical body. The ability to project out of the physical body is not spiritual development either, as dogs and cats do it very easily, and as a human you are evolutionally far above them. However, they are on a fairly stable frequency, while you are not. Spiritual growth is difficult for them. In comparison, it is easy for you. Likewise, neither clairvoyance or clairaudience, or traveling out of the body proof of spiritual development, although stating so will cause some controversy, I suppose. But real spiritual growth is determined by what one is establishing for oneself in the spirit realms of life.

          A horizontal progression is one in which the individual may well learn a great deal, but will incarnate again on a planet of a third-generation star, and have very little spiritual altitude beyond what they had when they started the previous physical world life as a human being.

          Horizontal life has spiritual progressions also, but there is no spiritual altitude offered. Instead, in horizontal life, the School of Life is attempting to prepare and equip the individual with the necessary mental tools to be successful in coming future vertical progressions. From the very beginning of its experience in the universe of physical life, the life force has had the appearance of a stable floor under it. Progress has been slow and steady, and the lessons taught are small and very progressive. An attribute of creation we tend to call Mother Nature, loves, cherishes, protects, and instructs the developing life force. This concern of creation continues as the life force progresses in its development through many forms of life, until it eventually reaches and/or attains the ability to function in a human body. In the beginning of human incarnations, the life force will live a life as a human and then probably revert to one of the more successful levels of animal life for the purpose of reflecting on the events of the human life. Then after living in the animal form or perhaps several different forms and several incarnations, the being will try human again. After which it may again revert to an animal form. This cycling can continue for some time and is often referred to as transmigration of souls. The only difference between an animal’s soul and a human’s soul is that the human’s soul has a great deal more time invested in the School of Life, and accordingly, access to higher altitude.

          Eventually the life force becomes comfortable enough with the human form to enjoy human life, and at this point a new law of life comes into play. All that has happened before was designed to teach the being how to run a physical human body. Spiritual growth is conceptual, and the being now begins a long series of lives designed to teach it how to function in a developed spiritual society. In essence, places like our physical planet Earth are prison/schools designed to hold the developing being until it comprehends how one is expected to function in a real civilized society.

          Death is an illusion, just as life is an illusion. The momentum of life is for the most part eternal. It is the containers that the life force chooses to use that are mortal. They are mortal because they have limitations, and the life force is only limited by its comprehension of what it really is. The life force has a tendency to identify with its current container, and limit itself to that container’s limitations. The real problem is velocity. The momentum of life has an almost limitless capacity for velocity. Velocity is related to how fast consciousness functions. Most human beings on planet Earth in our current era do not attempt to control their velocity, and thus live their lives at a very low level of what they are capable of. They tend to relate more to dogs and cats, whose velocity they tend to digress to, than to other life forms from which they would actually be able to learn more of life.

          Horizontal progressions involve all the realms of the seven horizontal social chakras. There is a latent vertical progression to all of this, and eventually one will learn that decisions one makes in one’s life that are made with chakra or chakra colored energy eventually lead to negative experiences.

          The essence of our being is actually very small and we tend to “live” in some particular place in our body. Most “live” in one of the seven chakras, depending on what spiritual system they are actively or latently involved in. The essence of being, the Divine Egg, can move about in the physical body fairly easily. The attitudes, thoughts and actions of an individual are going to be influenced by whatever chakra the Divine Egg is in or near. There is a natural seat for the Divine Egg in the upper back of the head, just behind and below where the hair swirl normally is. Generally, some form of meditation is needed to bring the Divine Egg to this position in the body. Decisions in life made from this position will go amazingly well.

          The astral realms, just like the physical world, have compass points. But there is one slight difference. While in the physical world, different directions take one to different physical world places, one is always still in the physical world. In the astral realms there is one direction, if properly followed, that takes one on a spiritual adventure which can, if the right choices are made, lead one ever higher in the realms of life and ever higher in one’s own spiritual structure–nearer to one’s intended potential in this lifetime, and nearer to one’s divine potential in eternity.

          Thus, there are positive potentials in the horizontal progression, but you must find them in the depths of your own being. You will never find them in the persona of someone else. The divine spark lies within you, hidden however deeply you have buried it. Whether buried in the dark, or thriving in the light, it is a seed, and it will grow …